Kem has fast become a firm fave in the house both with the islanders and viewers. His cheeky-chappie personality mixed with his soft and sensitive side (don’t tell me a tear didn’t roll down your face when he gave Amber that infinity bracelet) has made us start searching for our Kem in everyday life… UPDATE: he’s nowhere to be found.

We thought Kem and Amber were set for the summer, but on last night’s show there was trouble in paradise, and the two agreed to go their separate ways. We saw Amber confiding in new boy Simon, which Kem branded ‘muggy’. Also, is anyone else seriously wondering how many more people can walk in the villa who – on paper – are Amber’s type!?

We also saw Kem’s eyes wander onto new girl Tyla as he told Chris he thought she was ‘cute’. Is it just us, or is anyone else wondering WHAT.ON.EARTH the future of the bracelet holds?

Ahhhhhh, Marcel. Who knew the boy who used to be in Blazin’ Squad could steal our hearts, along with those of the whole nation. We feel heavily invested into #Garcels blossoming love story, to the point where we’re living our happily-ever-after through them (sad, we know.)

Marcel and Gabby spent their first night in the hideaway together in last night’s ep, but it was all very PG as the adorable duo decided they were going to wait for their ‘special’ moment.

The #PowerCouple also both won a skype call home to their loved ones after winning The Sexiest Pub Quiz, and our hearts physically hurt when Gabby’s mum told her Marcel was The One. AAAAAAWWWWHHH.

Our 12-year-old selves were fangirling when Marcel received a Skype call from Melo-D and Freek aka Oliver Georgiou and Chris McKeckney. They also highly approved of Gabby in the only way lad mates know how to, saying ‘she has a really nice a***’. Cute.

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