We all have that friend we won’t see much of this summer. Why? Because post-work beers and BBQs will be skipped in favour of sitting on the couch watching Love Island, of course. If you can’t beat them, join them – or at the very least, give them something they’ll really like. Like these Love Island gifts.

Love Island Gifting

Lather up

Looking as hot as an Islander can involve some heavy-duty prep. But like all things, that starts with getting the basics right. If your friend just can’t get enough of Island life, why not make their morning shower as steamy as a Friday night in the villa with the Love Island Bath and Shower Set? No, you can’t give them the gift of being a real-life Islander, but these four tropical scents will transport their senses straight to the villa!

Shimmer and spritz

Of course, everyone needs to moisturise. But if your bestie is the sort who bangs on about how so-and-so on the show has got amazing skin, treat her – or him – to the Love Island Bronzer, Shimmer & Moisturiser Set. In addition to a heavenly hydrator, this sweet set also contains a sparkly bronzer and brush, so they can get their glow on anywhere, anytime. Oh, and because everyone likes a grafter who smells good, give them the gift of a summery scent courtesy of Love Island Body Mist & Lotion Gift Set. Layer on the lotion before spritzing on the scent that smells like piña coladas and coconuts. AKA – holiday in a bottle, these lil’ wonders are only 100ml, making then hot for hand luggage. Better spritz up, you never know who you’re gonna meet on the plane, right?

Always accessorize

Not sure where to keep all your new Love Island goodies, or all that make-up you’re taking to Maga? Buy one of these for your BFF and another for yourself. They’re not only sassy, sexy and sparkly, but totally water and holiday-proof. Meaning you can keep your get-glam kit with you at all times, even by the pool.

Now you’re all set up for a month of the Love Island life. Or your pals are, anyway, if you didn’t #treatyoself too. So, slip on your buffest bikini, settle on the sofa, and get gossiping with this year’s sexy singles…