One of the best things to come outta Love Island is the range of words and phrases that have made it onto T-shirts, stationary and straight into our vocabulary. In celebration of the new series returning to our screens, we’ve got our dictionary definitions of already established LI phrases down to a tee, so you can be fully in the know.

love island lingo in speech bubbles

Pied off

Meaning to get shot down/ditched/dumped by someone you were catching the feels for. It’s the same kind of humiliation as getting a big cream pie right in the face, but slightly worse.


No, we’re not referring to something you’d put your tea in or how you’d describe the weather. If you say someone is being “muggy” to you, it’s that they’re taking you for a fool.


This is the work you put in to impress someone you have your eye on. It can be a smouldering look from across the pool, or the more serious move of taking them tea in bed every morning.


This can mean that you’re so soppy about someone, you almost melt into a puddle. It can also be used about someone who needs to get a grip. And if you’re a “tuna melt”, you’ve blown it. 

Love Island Series 4, we can’t wait to see what else you’ve got for us…