We just need a minute to process and prepare for what can only be described as the WORST day of our life year so far. Yes people, Love Island is coming to an end and we quite literally don’t know what we’re going to do with ourselves. Being without the Islanders on a Saturday alone is hard, now you’re tryna tell us we have to go COLD TURKEY? For a whole year? That is a little bit leave it.

Yes, we’ve followed them all on every form of social media to ensure we can keep track of their every move post island life (Ie, will Chris and Olivia stay together, to which we say uuuuuuurm no. One of us is marrying him) but it’s just not the same.

We feel like we almost can’t remember what our life was like pre-Love Island. What did we do every night at 9? Did we have friends? Did we hang out with actual PEOPLE!? It’s all a hazy blur.

Through our tears, we thought we’d bring you our favourite moments from the villa…

When Montana ate straight through the drama.


When Chris got emotional over Cash Hughes and knew more about babies than we even know about babies.

Jonny’s face when Jamie and Camilla did the Dirty Dancing lift in the pool.

When Marcel didn’t want anyone to know he was in Blazin’ Squad.

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When Chris was nearly there (but not quite) with his spelling.

When KMC performed ‘Little Bit Leave It’ (and Chris had one line)

When Stormzy skyped the villa…and had an awkward exchange with Liv.

When the girls had to complete the undercover assignment.

When Sam and Chris had opposing methods of parenting.

When we realised that Chris and Kem are the best couple of the whole series.

Here is our FINAL (we just don’t want to believe it) exclusive Q&A with the Islanders about their top villa moments. Stay strong guys, stay strong.