Actress, mum, shoe designer, perfume creator and style icon… we caught up with Sarah Jessica Parker to find out how she fits it all in. Here are her top ten rules

1. When it comes to your career, don’t put yourself in a box. With everything I do, I don’t think in terms of one type of customer – I want people to feel like themselves and enjoy it. I want them to find their joy in spending their hard-earned dollar!

2. You don’t always have to be fully ‘done’. In my handbag I just have
a coloured eye pencil and a lip gloss, and with these two I can get ready. I don’t have to be glamorous every day, so when someone isn’t doing it for me, these are my staples.

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3. Keep exercise fun. I live in a house with a lot of stairs, and I’m up and down them a lot. Running hurts and the gym is boring, but I like kayaking and activities that I find fun.

4. Look after your skin when travelling. On a plane I’m all about moisturising. I like La Roche-Posay Toleriane skincare and a lip balm. If it’s a long flight, I’ll put on moisturiser before I go to sleep, and I’ll always have a non-fragranced lip balm on me. I also try to drink a lot of water.

5. Never pick your spots! I was talking to my son James about this recently. He’s 13 and I say to him, ‘Don’t squeeze! They’ll get worse and you’ll get scars.’ Oh, and don’t pluck your eyebrows too much either!

6. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Stash, my latest fragrance, is a little subversive. It feels like a verboten substance, a bit naughty. It’s been so long since I launched Lovely that this is more like the person I am now. There’s more of me in this.

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7. Budget is sometimes best.
I never buy expensive sun creams. As long as you buy an SPF30+ and reapply regularly, you’re fine. And for the things we have in the house that get used a lot – like soap and shower gel – I use brands like Neutrogena and Johnson’s. My kids (James and six-year-old twins Marion Loretta and Tabitha) still use Johnson’s Baby Bath! I’m a fairly normal shopper; I think how much we use, how often I need to replace items. I have a busy house, a lot of traffic!

8. Give your hair a break. Everyone thinks my hair is really curly, but it’s just wavy. It looks its best if I shower and just sleep on it. I like it because it looks healthy and feels like me. When I’m not working, I leave it and that way it gets healthy again. My go-to hairstyle is a simple pulled-back bun.
I think that looks good on everyone.

9. Never give up on an idea. When I had my idea for Stash fragrance – almost 11 years ago – I started developing it with three separate bottles that I’d layer like a cocktail.
I said I wanted it to be genderless, but at the time the fragrance industry wasn’t willing to try it, and it didn’t happen. The opportunity came some years later when the industry had moved on and understood the idea.

10. Make time for yourself. I’ve just finished The Fall boxset. Can I tell you something embarrassing? I had no idea who Jamie Dornan was! So I looked him up and found out he was the guy from Fifty Shades Of Grey. I hadn’t seen it, so I didn’t know. I also love Broadchurch. Olivia Colman and Mr Tennant. You know, I’ve written a note to Olivia like 150 times, but I’ve never sent it. Maybe I should while I’m in London. I think she’s remarkable..

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Lipstick or lip gloss Lip gloss. Lipstick doesn’t look good on me.

Instagram or Twitter Instagram. I’m interested in the relationship with Instagram – I’d say I’m dating it!

Last text you sent? It was to my son this morning. It just said, ‘Good morning I love you xxx’ He wrote back, ‘Good morning.’ He’s a man of few words but he’s not a stroppy teen yet.

Hair up/hair down 50/50.

Cats or dogs We have both. I like our dog more. She’s funnier and really close to a human. The cat is trouble!

Fave ever SATC outfit I could never pick one! I have everything, though. It’s part of my contract. I don’t ask
for white candles or anything fancy – I just want the clothes, not to wear but to have an archive.

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