Last year, the world became obsessed with hygge – pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ – the Scandinavian lifestyle trend that’s all about cosiness, contentment and enjoying good things with good people. But it would seem that the days of hygge are over and there’s a cooler, younger Scandinavian trend in town.

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The lagom trend translates to ‘just the right amount’ and is all about creating a fair and even balance. It has been described as a state of having ‘not too much of one or the other, and more of a Goldilocks “just right”.’ It’s all about creating a perfectly even balance by living modestly and avoiding extremes. Think recycling, reducing waste, saving money and clean living.

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Lagom can also be applied to beauty, and we all know about the understated yet cool Scandinavian look. Swedish stylist Christel Lundqvist, of London hair salon STIL, told the Daily Mail Online, ‘Swedish women wear plenty of makeup but they want it to look natural. Hair for 2017 is quite undone and natural, with plenty of texture and wave.’

So throw away your hair extensions and fake lashes, start reusing the plastic bags you’ve stuffed under the sink for your weekly food shop, stop wasting money on things you don’t need and embrace the lagom trend.