There’s never a time when Khloé Kardashian doesn’t look amazing, and to celebrate her birthday, we’ve found a selection of our fave fashion and beauty looks and put them all in one place. You’re welcome…

The highlighter of dreams

I missed my Hamptons glam duo @joycebonelli and @thescottycunha

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Words can’t describe how much we wish we looked this good every day. That highlight. That contour. Those brows. They all add up to the most stunning look – and that’s before we’ve even started on her hair. 

The latex dress

This dress pretty much speaks for itself, and Khloé is seriously working it. Paired with her tousled hair and ringed fingers, this is one of our favourite looks. Even if she’s wearing white shoes…

The bandana


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Even on a down day, KoKo looks a total babe in her pale-pink bandanna (with matching stiletto nails, of course), low-key make-up and messy topknot. Those are some strong poses she’s striking, too!

The power pout

On Fridays we smile 😁 I love my glam @1maryphillips and @jenatkinhair ❤️❤️❤️

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Khloé says she loves her glam in this pic, and she’s not the only one. That flattering tomato-red lip really suits her, especially with her hair styled in dreamy, beachy waves. Love!

The slicked back ’do

There aren’t many people like KoKo, who can make so many different hairstyles their own, from short to long, wavy to straight, and, as shown here, slicked back. The centre parting and the high-necked dress say she means business, right?

The boxer braids

Had to get KhloMoney back today💸💸💸Braided by @shidacoiffeur and face beat by @styledbyhrush

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Boxer braids = on point! We wish we could get away with wearing our hair like this, but sadly we’re not sure we’d pull it off quite as well as Khloé does!

The blue silk gown

Is there anything that doesn’t look good on this girl? We’re head over heels for this long-sleeved, split-leg gown and those gorge shoes! If only there was an occasion for us to get this dolled up, hey?

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