Beauty writer Mollie Hammond shares her top tips on how she hides the signs of the dreaded ‘h’ word…

I have so much to thank Christmas for: Love Actually. Mince pies. Fairytale Of New York. Jumpers so unbelievably bad they’re astoundingly good. But one thing I’m perhaps a little less grateful for is the significant increase in waking up feeling as if I’ve been hit round the head with a 30lb turkey. Yes, I’m referring to the hell that is a hangover. It seems there’s an excuse to drink most nights during the festive season, so it seemed only right that I shared with you my perfect kit, which gets me through the day without anyone suspecting a thing…

Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer

A sign of a good night out usually involves two dark circles under each of my eyes come morning. No, I’m not saying after a few beers I dabble in a game of fisticuffs – it’s that I’m always ridiculously tired after an evening of overindulgence. So I always keep this bad boy handy – a few swipes under each eye instantly spruces up my appearance. The collection comes in 18 shades, from fair to deep in cool, neutral and warm undertones.

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Anatomicals We’ll Cool You Again Later Facial Spritz

Your hangover got you feeling a little hot under the collar? Join the club, huns. I always make sure I keep one of these sprays on my desk and one on my bedside table so I can cool myself down at ALL times. Just one spritz will cool and rehydrate your face with a hit of calming lavender and refreshing peppermint extracts. BLISS.

Bach Rescue Remedy

I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the anxious thoughts that come with being hungover. Did I say something silly last night? Did I make a fool of myself? Was I really dressed up as an elf dancing on my boss’s desk? That’s when I reach for the Rescue Remedy. The formula contains flower extracts of rock rose, impatiens, clematis, Star of Bethlehem and cherry plum, which help to comfort and reassure me on days I’m feelin’ a lil stressed. Squeeze four drops onto the tongue or into a glass of water and sip at intervals.

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Sanctuary Spa Sleep Dream Easy Pillow Mist

Hangovers do their best to cling on for dear life, which means you may find it takes a while to get to sleep the evening after the big night out before. Symptoms include irritability, restlessness, flashbacks and angst. The solution? Lightly spritz your pillow with Sanctuary Spa Sleep Dream Easy Pillow Mist, infused with midnight flowers and lavender oil, which will help you unwind and drift off to the land of nod. I swear by it.

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