Are you on your phone 24/7? Yeah, us too! How would you stay up to date with the latest beauty trends without 3G/4G at your fingertips?! Texting your mates, scheduling events and staying on top of social keep us happily occupied for hours, and we can’t imagine a world without the internet at our fingertips.

In a perfect world, though, there’d be no contracts (no strings attached), all the texts our heart desires and more deals when we buy our fave beauty products. Well, your prayers have been answered! Say hello to the Superdrug mobile SIM! Let’s take a closer look at how Superdrug mobile can improve our modern-day mobile game…  

Superdrug mobile

It’s an absolute steal

Life’s so expensive… with the cronuts, the brunches and your extensive lipstick collection, there isn’t exactly loads of ££££ left in the bank for extra internet. And with an overwhelming number of deals around, choosing the best one for you can be daunting. Well, you can now enjoy a SIM-ple mobile plan for just £10 a month, which will leave you with plenty of cash left over for an avo on toast!

Superdrug mobile = loads and loads of data

Legit, keeping up with Insta trends drains data faster than when you and your mates are drinking prosecco on Fizz Fridays! For us, the gram is the beauty bible, which uses up a hella lotta data. Well, with this bargain of a SIM, you get 4GB of data and loads of options to easily add more. So, if you’re desperate to find out what the Love Island stars are up to, you can top up super-quickly.

Spend hours on the phone to your besties

Talking of running out of data, it’s super-frustrating when you need to call your mates about your latest dating dilemma and you’ve run out of minutes. Trust us, we’ve all been there. You’ve got big news, you need to tell the world, and your phone is your obstacle. With Superdrug Mobile you get unlimited calls and texts. That’s right, all the calls you ever dreamed of. Let’s all pause for a sec and think about how great that would be…

No strings attached

We love to feel free, and being committed to a contract is so last season! We’d like to take the bohemian approach to mobile phones, please. And Superdrug mobile is contract free, so if you try it and don’t fancy it any more, it’s totally cool.

Double the number of beauty bargains

The Superdrug Health & Beautycard is already great. Using points to buy the latest, dazzling highlighter? We’re so on board. But, with Superdrug mobile, it just gets better and better. A Superdrug SIM = double the points on all your Superdrug shopping. In a nutshell, we’re talking a fab new SIM and more eyeshadow palettes to fill our basket with.