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Just Landed: Free Soul – Superdrug
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Just Landed: Free Soul

Nothing says girl power like a nutrition brand that’s 100% focused on women and dedicated to producing the highest quality products. Sound like an urban legend? Supplement market expert Arjun Sofat, thought so, too. He spotted that the market for female supplements was missing something: a boss brand that would empower women by using the ingredients to give them just what they need. Say hello to Free Soul, people! It’s the brand that’s gonna look after your hormonal balance and boost energy and mood, all while helping you maintain a healthy weight. The best part? This revolution in female health was inspired by the ultimate girl boss… Arjun’s mamma – cue collective YAAAAS!. So, if you’re a gal who’s serious about getting in shape and living her best life from the inside out, take it from us – this is a brand you’ve gotta try.

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Time to spill the tea

Wanna know how to regulate your sleep/wake cycle – get in line, hun! We either sleep too much or not enough, and finding that sweet spot can seem impossible. Enter Free Soul Wake Tea and Sleep Tea. Most gals don’t need to be told how much happiness a bag can bring, but for any doubters out there, these little tea bags are wonder workers. The Wake blend is made with tie guan yin oolong tea, which is packed full of goodness that’s gonna help digestion, increase your energy, boost immunity and even improve your skin. It’s also infused with naturally zingy citrus fruit, to give you that morning boost! We’ll take two, please. The Sleep tea is a naturally caffeine-free blend of liquorice root and lime flower, with apple cinnamon and moringa leaves, and will help to soothe your mind and body before you head to bedfordshire. The liquorice root adds a sweet hit and helps calm anxieties, while lime flower relieves muscle tension, allowing for a massive hit of relaxation. We can feel the zen already…

Pretty powerful protein

Finally, here’s a protein powder that’s made from only the finest ingredients and geared specifically for women’s nutritional needs. We’re talking no added MPCs, no artificial colourings… or soy… or gluten – just premium protein blends that are gonna support your hormone balance, bone density, energy and mood. Sound tempting? Well, keep ticking those boxes, hun, because we’re not finished yet. Free Soul has both Whey Protein AND Vegan Protein (made from pea and white hemp) blends available, both of which are ideal as a post-workout shake or can be mixed into a smoothie. And – just to be clear – these are not meal replacements, so use these magic mixes alongside a varied and healthy diet. Oh, and FYI, the vegan blend comes in two flavours – chocolate and berry – and the whey blend in chocolate and vanilla. Get yourself a pack and the gorge Free Soul Steel Shaker asap. Thank us later – mwah!

Tip-top tablets

If you’re sceptical about supplements, you’re not alone. But if you’re curious and wanna give ’em a go, try Free Soul Her PWR Nutrition Tablets. Why? Free Soul is all about transparency and keeping ingredients lists as short and powerful as possible. Everything they contain is high quality (you’ll find no nasties here) and supports women’s physical, psychological and hormonal health. Green tea and green coffee extract work to keep your metabolism healthy and prevent oxidative damage. The turmeric in these little gems makes them golden in colour – a spice that’s an amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory – and it’s combined with black pepper, to help absorb it into the body. The supplement will also help your body use fat as energy in a more efficient way, so say hello to that summer bod, ladies!

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