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JUMP TO IT with AJ and Scola – Superdrug
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JUMP TO IT with AJ and Scola

Time to own your 2017 fitness routine and your gym style


Working out is always #bettertogether, so we enlisted the help of fitness expert AJ Odudu (Ajodudu.com) and YouTube star Scola Dondo (thatfitnesslife.com) to create a fun workout for two that you can follow at home. They’ve also let us into their gym hair and make-up secrets, so read on…



Going to the gym never looked so good. ‘We all need to step up the way we look when we work out because you never know who you’re going to bump into,’ says AJ, who recently bumped into David Beckham at her gym. Lucky girl!

Here are her look-good tips…

  • I always have my game face on. I use a light foundation to get nice glowing skin, but skip powder and blush to let my skin breathe.
  • I shape my brows, and apply a waterproof mascara to open up my eyes. Then I slick on a cherry-toned lip balm to give my lips a touch of colour.
  • Moisturising with a body mist is essential because if I have skin on show, I like it to be dewy.
  • My hair has to be in a ponytail but
    I wear a low side pony so it stays in place when I jump up and down. And it’s great if you do an exercise lying down as you don’t get an uncomfortable lump in the back of your head. Genius.



If looking great while you work out makes you feel happy, then go for it, says Scola. ‘I actually like wearing
some makeup when I’m working out,’ she adds, ‘especially if I’m filming. Looking a little bit nicer just makes
me feel good.’

Here are her look-good tips:

  • I like to keep my skin moisturised
    all the time – and especially when
    I work out – so I always apply a CC cream on my face. It also gives a
    touch of coverage.
  • On my eyes I love wearing a wet-
    look liquid eyeliner, along with lots of waterproof mascara.
  • I’m really bad at wearing lip products because I’m constantly licking my lips and they get dry really easily. So I make sure I use a lip balm all the time.
  • With my hair I just put lots of coconut oil through it, along with water, and then I either just tie it back or let it go wild. A lot of the time I do dance workouts, and I love the feeling of having my hair bouncing around wildly.
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