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The gals kicking butt this International Women’s Day – Superdrug
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The gals kicking butt this International Women’s Day

When it comes to kickin’ butt, let’s be honest, women are complete and utter QUEENS. And while we’ve gotta give props to our buds and besties this international Women’s Day – thanks for always having our back, girlies – there’s also a tonne of celebs who are sitting pretty at the top of our #GirlBoss list. Wanna know which women are giving us all the feels? Make yourself a cuppa, read through this lot and prepare to be well and truly inspired.

Oprah Winfrey

Portrait of Oprah Winfrey

Image from REX

Why do we love Oprah? Well, how long have you got?! She's the star of one of our favourite rags-to-riches tales, climbing her way up as a news reporter, setting up her own talk show and starring in films, including Spielberg’s The Colour Purple, to become the first black billionaire, but she’s also big on self-care and spirituality (get it, girl!). There’s also speculation flying around that Oprah might run for president. And as this is one woman able to set her mind to, oh, just about anything, it wouldn’t surprise us one bit if the next president was a black woman. Go on, Opes! 

Emma Watson

Portrait of Emma Watson

Image from REX

Unlike other child stars, Emma Watson hasn’t settled on her Hollywood laurels or fallen off the tracks – in fact, as a philanthropist and feminist, she’s doing pretty big things for womankind. A UN Women Global Goodwill ambassador she gave a speech at a special event for the HeForShe campaign, United Nations Headquarters in 2014, encouraging men to join the cause. And when she isn't busy with the UN, she's also a champion of sustainable fashion, having developed her own line with People Tree. She’s certainly inspiring us to roll up our sleeves and try to change the world, or at least start speaking up about things we think are just plain wrong. Thanks, Em!

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra portrait

Image from REX

Blending brains with beauty (like all of the gals on this list, in fact) not only has Priyanka Chopra bagged a load of prestigious film awards for her acting but she’s been listed by Forbes amongst the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women. Why? Well she’s worked with UNICEF for the past decade and is a global Goodwill Ambassador for Child Rights. She’s also active in promoting various causes including women’s rights and gender equality. Oh, and did we mention she has her own production company? All in a day’s work, Priyanka, all in a day’s work…

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama portrait

Image from REX

If there’s one woman who is a total #girlcrushgoals, it’s got to be Michelle Obama. She has a law degree from the prestigious Harvard university, (she’s a graduate of Princeton University and went on to earn a law degree from Harvard Law School), was a kick-ass first lady and an advocate of women’s rights. She also dedicated time travelling to foreign countries to raise awareness of women’s lack of educational opportunities and launched the Let Girls Learn campaign, in a bid to bring education to women all over the world. She’s opened the door wide for future female politicians, so, you know, a woman for the next president, right?!

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence portrait

Image from REX

J-Law taken on some of the toughest roles in Hollywood (and nailed them, natch), is never afraid to speak her mind, is whip smart and funny to boot. Amaze J-Law moments that stand out? When she gave her two cents on the shoddy gender pay gap in Hollywood after finding out how much less she earned than her male co-stars; every time she gets asked a sexist question answering with a retort that, quite frankly, highlights how senseless gender inequality truly is; oh, and her unapologetic response to female shaming when photos of her first nude film scenes were leaked, explaining, quite plainly, that it was sexual violation and exploitation. We totally agree.

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox Portrait

Image from REX

Laverne Cox makes our list for oh-so-many reasons. As a trans person of colour, who’s an advocate of self-love, she’s not afraid to share her story and speak out, making her a true inspiration to us all. She’s steadfast in the importance of using the correct terminology when talking about the LGBTQ+ community and is adamant that trans women don’t have to look like her or conform to femininity to be beautiful. Using her privilege and platform to encourage wider representation in the media, she’s incred. Watch this space!

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