Blisters, bites, burns… here’s your essential holiday first aid kit 


Illustration: Blair Frames

Sunburn soother

You’ve worn factor 50 all week, but you’ve still ended up with red-raw sunburn. Take ibuprofen* to help ease the pain, cool the skin with a clean flannel soaked in cold water, then apply an aloe-packed skin soother such as Solait After Sun Aloe Vera Gel, £3.99.

Halt heat rash   

Played sun bunny and left with bumpy, overheated red skin? Apply Care Aqueous and Calamine Cream, £2.15, to any irritated areas. It helps soothe the symptoms of prickly heat – think itchiness and raised skin – without staining your clothes like other calamine formulas.

Bite brigade

Turned into a mozzie meal and blighted by bites? Help reduce pain and swelling with a cold compress, then apply Superdrug Hydrocortisone Bite & Sting Relief Cream*, £3.49, to the bite. Antihistamines can also help stop the urge to scratch – try Benadryl Allergy & Hayfever One A Day Tablets*, £9.99, for speedy relief.

Travellers’ tum

While it can be tempting to reach for tablet relief when the dreaded diarrhoea hits, it’s your body’s way of removing bacteria. Instead, help to give your gut back its salts and fluids with Superdrug Rehydration Treatment Sachets*, £2.99. Keep Superdrug Acute Diarrhoea Relief Capsules*, £2.25, for emergencies only – think long bus journeys or all-day sightseeing.

Oh hell no, Aunt Flo Due to come on when you’re away? There’s a pill that can put off your period. Norethisterone needs to be taken three days before you expect your period to begin and can delay it until three days after your last tablet. Head to for an online consultation. If suitable, you’ll have Period Delay delivered to your door before your beach break.

The DARE Summer SOS Saviours

Superdrug Superdrug Buzz Off 50pct Deet +1 Pmd 50ml £5.49 Buy Now
Superdrug Superdrug Waterproof Plasters X 41 £1.99 Buy Now
Superdrug Superdrug Cetrimide Antiseptic Cream 0.5% w/w 30g £1.49 Buy Now