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Why you need Indi beauty on your radar now – Superdrug
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Why you need Indi beauty on your radar now

We love a skincare trend as much as every beauty boffin, so when we hear about a new trend, we jump right on it. The latest? Indi beauty. Yup, the latest thing you need to know alllll about is the Indian-inspired skincare routine that’s totally focused on long-term skincare – no short-term solutions round here. The idea of slow-beauty dates waaay back (6,000 years ago, for you precise types) and comes from ayurveda, the natural healing system of India. Products containing natural ingredients that keep your skin looking shipshape forever more? We’re listening…

The first step for treating your skin the ayurvedic way is to figure out exactly what type you have. The categories are divided into three Doshas, which are mind-body principles based on the elements. Vata is air and space, Pitta is fire and water, and Kapha is earth and water. We’ve covered all bases below so you can enjoy a brand-new holistic approach to your skincare regime.

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Does dry, dehydrated skin sound familiar? If so, you’re a Vata skin type, when skin is thin, delicate and needs a lil bit of lovin’. 

To keep skin looking plump and smooth, you’ll need products that hydrate from within. We’re talking ultra-moisturising products that contain a whole load of fatty acids. Why are fatty acids so great, we hear you ask? They retain water, preventing ageing and see off cellulite. Look out for ingredients such as coconut, almond, sesame, olive oils, shea butter and honey – and get slathering. 

Garnier Natural Honey Flower Moisturiser contains lots of honey, a fatty acid that is majorly moisturising. When you’re preppin’ for the day, squeeze a blob into the palm of your hand, then apply to your face and neck.


If you have sensitive, combination skin that can break out into blotchiness or if your skin is as glowy as goddess Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s but is prone to sunburn, you’re Dosha type Pitta.

Red skin is such a no-no, so you need calming ingredients, which balance and hydrate your skin. Raid the shelves for hydrating cleansers that contain lavender. Not only does it smell great, but it’s an anti-inflammatory, meaning that it soothes the skin and fades the redness.

Pop Cowshed Lavender Gentle Cleanser onto a cotton wool pad and gently rub into the skin in an upward motion. Follow by massaging My Trusty Sunflower Lavender Moisturiser into the face, body and hands. Your skin will look radiant and you’ll smell amazing. 


You’re a Kapha if you have smooth skin with large pores, which are home to a family of blackheads. You need to resist the temptation to strip your skin of oil because doing so will send sebum production into overdrive. And no oily-skinned sister wants that. Instead, choose gentle cleansers and moisturisers, which won’t weigh down skin but will nourish and help heal.

Keep an eye out for ingredients like geranium, which makes magic when used to rebalance oily skin types. Splash some water on your face, then use your fingertips to rub a £1 coin-sized amount of A’kin Rose & Geranium Cleanser & Toner onto your skin. Pat your face dry and dab pea-sized blobs of moisturiser onto the key dry areas of your face – forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and neck. Use your fingers to spread the stuff out, covering your face, then blend the moisturiser into your skin in a swirling motion.

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