Waking from our peaceful sleep, we sit up, stretch arms to the sky and smile. ‘Today is going to be MY day. I fake-tanned last night, so I’m ready to take on the world! There’s nothing I can’t do!’

We walk into the bathroom humming I’m Walking On Sunshine, take a half-hearted look in the mirror… and our heart stops. Today isn’t going to be our day. How could we have been so stupid!? No, today isn’t going to be our day What. So. Ever. Because we’ve just been greeted with the biggest, juiciest spot… one that could be a serious contender for the Guinness World Records Biggest Spot In The World award. (Yes. That’s a thing.)

We’re mad. We’re really mad. This spot obviously KNEW all about our extravagant and sophisticated weekend plans, so it thought it would invite its unwelcome ugly self along.

Now the tempting thing to do at this point would be one/all of the below, but we’re here to tell you to stop right now (thank you very much). If you want the spot to be gone in time for your Tinder date on Saturday, this is what you categorically shouldn’t do.

Pop till you get the spot

Yes, the most obvious one of them all. When we even vaguely see a head on a spot, it’s oh so tempting to squeeze the living daylights out of it. If you squeeze a spot harshly, it can stay on your face for weeks, or even scar your skin permanently. And think about the bacteria on your hands that you’ll be spreading all over your face and that could further infect your spot. If you leave the spot alone, it will usually clear within three to seven days. Annoying at the time, yes, but worth it.

Wash, wash, then wash again

Washing your face more than once a day will dry out your skin, which kick-starts it into producing unneeded oil. The oil then clogs up the pores, which causes even more spots to break out.

Whack out the toothpaste

You’ll often hear people saying that you should cover your spot in toothpaste, but that’s a common myth. Subjecting your skin to products that aren’t designed for it can do more harm than good. Stick to special spot treatments, or creams or products recommended by your doctor/dermatologist - and save the minty stuff for your teeth.


You should only deeply exfoliate your skin a couple of times a week. Exfoliation can burst whiteheads and you’ll then spread the bacteria all over your face. This will cause irritation and further infection, and prolong the healing process.