No one wants a gust-induced hair mare, but what’s a gal to do when the weather just isn’t playing ball? From beautifully blow-dried waves to the perfect updo, if the wind is blowing, bluster-proof your barnet with these top tips…

Girl with hair blowing in the wind

Go with the blow

Best way to beat the blowing wind? Go with it. If the wind is gonna wreak havoc on your hair anyway, you may as well embrace the messy look. Spritz it with texturising spray for a naturally tousled look that’ll leave you looking more beach babe and less babe, what happened?

Windproof product

If you’re gonna go for a more put-together look, protect your style with the right product. Hairspray is obviously a must, but go for one with super-long-lasting hold, like the Final Net Ultra Hold Hairspray. With micropolymer technology, which keeps hair in place for up to 24 hours, this baby is a must-have on blustery days. It’ll stop hair shapeshifting in the wind and help it stay in place aaaaaall day.

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Secure style

If in doubt, go for an updo that’s super-secure and held in place with loads of grips. A high ponytail, topknot or messy bun will hold in the wind, and if you get the odd flyaway, just blag that it’s part of the look… see tip number one!

Out of sight, out of mind

For those of you with layers or some kinda fringe, make sure the shorter bits are tied back. Tuck them behind your ears and pin, or go all out with decorative clips. Just FYI, the OTT grip look is a massive trend, so get your hands on these Superdrug Studio Arrow Hair Grips.

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