The fast approaching festive season means metallic party makeup is back. There are three big players in the shimmery pigments game: gold, silver and bronze. More often than not, we choose one of these shades as an accent colour, but why go for one, when you can have all three? Here’s how…

1. Prime time


To achieve maximum colour pay off, it’s important to prime your eyes. Brush Makeup Revolution Eye Primer Liquid Aqua Seal over your entire eyelid, then buff a subtle brown shade into the crease of your eyes using the MUA Professional 6 Shades Palette in Soft Suedes.

2. Start with silver


Dampen a small flat brush with some fixing spray and pack B. Cassie Lomas Glitter Pigment in Shine On onto the inner third of your eyelid. When applying the colour, work it into the crease, but don’t take it too high.

3. Grab some gold


Again using a damp brush, apply B. Cassie Lomas Glitter Pigment in #ItsThem in the middle third of your eyelid. Where the colours meet, blend the pigments into each other, to create a seamless finish.

4. Bronze in third


The third and final colour for this look is B. Cassie Lomas Glitter Pigment in Glamoflage. Apply the bronze shadow to the outer third of your eyelid, blending it out from the gold. Then soften any harsh lines in the crease with a fluffy brush.

5. Finishing touches


Finish the look with MUA Eye Define Mascara in Black on your lashes and black B. Kohl Liner in Black on the waterline.