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How to spring clean your makeup bag – Superdrug
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How to spring clean your makeup bag

We’ll toss expired food out of our fridges without a second thought, but we’ll cling on to makeup products for months – or even years – past their expiry date. Well, ladies, it’s time to say goodbye to those age-old tubs and tubes – but there are plenty of fresh and fabulous products out there to replace them with this spring. Not sure how long your makeup lasts? Find out whether it’s for the makeup bag or the bin…

When to toss your mascara

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We love our trusted mascaras but keep them for longer than three to six months, and they become a haven for bacteria. To protect your peepers and prevent premature bacteria build-up, avoid pumping the wand, which pushes air into the tube and dries the product, leading to flaky lashes. Oh, and don’t share your mascara with others as this can lead to infections spreading. Need a replacement? L'Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara is great for lengthening lashes and adding volume.

When to throw your foundation

The life of your foundation depends on its formula. While liquid and cream foundations expire within 12 months, powders can last for up to 18. Symptoms of an expired foundation include thickening and oil separation, which leaves a streaky finish when applied. Replenish it with e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation with added SPF15.

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When to cull your concealer

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Concealers are a fickle friend. While they’re our go-to for hiding blemishes, over time they compile bacteria, which can cause more breakouts. Concealers last for up to a year, but if they start to smell strange or change texture, then toss them. Replace with Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer, which offers full coverage in a broad range of skin tones.

When to call time on your lipstick

Provided you keep the lids on when not in use, lipsticks tend to last for about two years, while glosses keep for around one year. Unsure whether your fave lippie is in date? Strange odours or dry textures are signs that it’s for the bin. It’s not all doom and gloom, however: restock your stash

When to bin your blending sponge

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Had your sponge longer than three months? Chuck it. Trust us, keeping a sponge for longer than this can encourage bacteria growth and breakouts. Clean your blender regularly while you’re using it, then replace it with a B. Blending Sponge.

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