There are many things we wonder about Rapunzel. How many years did it take to grow her hair so long? Surely using her hair to pull a prince up to her tower hurt her scalp? Most importantly, how do we get hair as long and healthy as hers? While we’re still verrrry confused over the first two (seriously, though, that’s gotta hurt), we do have some tips and tricks for keeping long hair in good condition. Best of all, it doesn’t involve going for regular trims…

girl with long blonde hair

Try a no-cut cream

It’s our hairdresser’s favourite catchphrase: ‘You’ve got to have regular trims to help your hair grow longer.’ But what if we told you there’s a cream that helps keep haircuts at bay? No, you’re not dreaming. L'Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths No Haircut Cream is enriched with keratin and castor oil to keep our treasured lengths in tip-top condition. Better yet, it reduces both the appearance of split ends and breakage. *Adds to basket*

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Mask it up

Here in the office, we’re obsessed with face masks, so when we found out there are also masks for our hair, we hit Christmas Day levels of excitement. These bad boys are full of conditioning ingredients to help prevent dry ends and keep long hair healthy. Try Superdrug Hydrate & Shine Hair Masque with Coconut Water, which strengthens hair and reduces breakage. Add to that the delish coconut scent and we’re sold.

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Skip the heat

Step away from the straighteners. As much as we love our heat-styling tools, the high temperatures can cause hair irreversible damage. If you really can’t live without them, restrict their use to a couple of days a week and always apply a heat protectant first.

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Get your vits

We often switch up our lotions and potions in pursuit of strong and shiny hair, but we can only get so far if our diets don’t contain the vital vits. Nutrients such as B vitamins, zinc and biotin keep our precious lengths looking hair-flick perfect, and can even help speed up hair growth. If you wanna make sure you’re getting the vits your hair needs, try Hairburst Chewable Vitamins, which come in the form of delish gummy bears. Breakfast just got a whole lot tastier…

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