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How can I grow my hair? – Superdrug
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How can I grow my hair?

Wondering how to grow your hair? Fed up faking it with extensions? Ready to hop off the lob trend? Whatever your hair type, if you're dreaming of swoosh-worthy tresses like our girl crush Cardi B - yup, we know it’s weave, but she’s still our hairspiration, only we want the real deal - here are our top tips and tricks to grow hair. Let's get to it! 

Snip those split ends

Hair always breaking off at the mid-lengths? Split ends are to blame – the result of hair that’s so dry it tears. The only solution is to get regular trims at the salon. Aim for every six weeks to keep the condition tip top.

Ditch the bleach

If you’re fond of hitting the bottle, it’s probably the reason your hair ain’t growing. Yes, you might love being a blonde, but bleaching hair can wreck its condition and result in breakage. Treat damaged hair to a strengthening hair mask.

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Same goes for styling tools

Your beloved straighteners or curling tongs could be causing a lot of damage (hello split ends), which isn’t a recipe for strong, long hair. Use styling tools sparingly, switch to a lower heat setting and use a heat protector spray on your hair.

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Give your scalp some TLC

Strong, swishy hair starts at the scalp. If it’s dry and flaky, the hair won’t grow through properly. Massaging your scalp regularly with nourishing castor oil can work wonders – and smoothing it through your hair will help make it stronger and shinier, too.

Don’t brush like a maniac

You might be in a hurry and want to tear away at your hair to get it detangled, but hair is fragile – especially when it’s wet. Manic brushing can wreck your hair and stop it growing. Go gently, starting at the ends to loosen knots easily.

Pop a supplement

Vitamin-packed supplements can help speed up hair growth. Take Vitabiotics Perfectil once a day and your skin and nails will thank you, too. Result!

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