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How to recreate glitter boobs – Superdrug
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How to recreate glitter boobs

After seeing some of our favourite bloggers’ boundary-pushing glitter boob creations we couldn’t resist trying out the trend. It’s the look that flooded Insta feeds during festival season, but there really are no limits when it comes to this sparkly sensation – not even the time of year. The best bit? It can be as bold or as tame as you want – lest we forget Love Island’s glitter party this year where the guys and gals splashed their chests with gems and shimmer.

With Chess from The Gypsy Shrine on hand to share her tips and tricks, we found out how to re-create the look in four easy steps.

superdrug glitter boobs

Big and bold

Start with the chunkier gems as these are the ones you’re going to build the look around. These look best when placed in the centre of the chest.

Get your glue

Slapping real glue over our skin wouldn’t be a great idea, so we use hair gel instead. Use a paintbrush to cover your chest with gel – put this wherever you want the glitter to stick.

Go gaga with glitter

Now for the fun part. Grab your glitter and paint it on the places you covered with gel.

Spray to set

To make this look last all night, use hairspray to lock it into place.

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