There are two things that accompany the middle of January… an unrealistic amount of motivation and empty pockets. We’ve talked a lot about great ways to kick-start the New Year, but now it’s time to address the problem of how to fix up when you’re on a budget. Well, believe it or not, we’ve got four products that’ll give you a full face of makeup for a fiver. *Pause for gasps*

1. Perfect the imperfect

Our first bargain beauty essential is the Makeup Revolution Matte Concealer Stick. Despite the low price tag, this little marvel has great coverage and will hide any imperfections. Apply under your eyes and over any redness with a fluffy brush for a seamless finish.

Revolution Revolution Matte Concealer Stick 09 Medium / Dark £1.00 Buy Now

2. Minimise shine

For a gorgeous matte finish, sweep MUA Translucent Pressed Powder over your face. This will also set your concealer. So our base is done and we’ve racked up a total of £2 so far… #Winning

MUA MUA Pressed Powder - Translucent £1.50 Buy Now

3. Money-saving mascara

Mascara can cost a bomb, but MUA Volume Mascara is all you need for lush lashes – and it costs just £2!

MUA MUA Volume Mascara £2.00 Buy Now

4. Gobsmacked

You didn’t believe it could be done… but it can! With the last £1 from our £5 budget, we’re going to pick up the Makeup Revolution Amazing Clear Lipgloss in Crystal. Pucker up and you’re ready to go!