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How to fix a drenched do – Superdrug
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How to fix a drenched do

The British weather is notoriously unpredictable, and the dreaded downpours are on their way, ready to ruin our hair. Getting caught in the rain is all kinds of annoying, but it’s especially bothersome when you’ve spent half a morning on your barnet or forked out for a blow-dry. Not to worry, though – there are ways to avoid the drowned-rat vibe, and all it takes it a bit of prep and a couple of clever products.

collage of products for fixing hair in the rain

Prep and check

It may sound obvious, but checking the weather and investing in a good brolly (dome-shaped ones are best) are key to surviving sudden winter downpours. If rain is forecast, go either for a tousled texture, which the rain will enhance, or opt for an updo and avoid problems altogether. Set with hairspray to prevent flyaways, and you’re on the right track.

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Deskside saviours

All the prep in the world can’t save you sometimes, so it’s good to be armed with a few hacks and products that’ll help sort out a swamped mane. Number one is to make use of bathroom resources. Get your hair under that hand-dryer and give it a good blast. Your hair will be fluffy from the rain anyway, so you may as well go with it! Put a couple of pumps of L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil on your hands and rake it through the lengths and ends of your hair to tame any frizz.

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If the dryer isn’t convenient, keep John Frieda Frizz Ease Air Dry Waves Styling Foam in your desk drawer. Brush all your hair back with a Superdrug Studio Detangling Brush and scrunch a ball of the mousse through your hair for an effortless pushed-back tousled look.

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It’s also a good idea to keep a stash of hair bands and hair grips in your drawer. If you’re short of time or simply can’t be bothered, throwing your hair into an updo will always do the trick.

Tips for afro hair

Getting caught in the rain with a freshy pressed ’fro isn’t on anybody’s winter wish list. You can’t stop the rain, so the best way to avoid shrinkage is to embrace your natural hair texture. Work with your hair rather than against it and you’ll make life a lot easier for yourself. Braids are great to wear through winter as they won’t ruin in the rain or dry out and frizz up in central heating. Speaking of frizz, if you find your hair feels a little dehydrated in winter, keep a moisturising spritz in your desk drawer and use it regularly. Cantu Coconut Oil Shine and Hold Mist works wonders when applied to wet hair, so it’s the perfect rainy-day saviour.

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