In case you didn’t know, today in China it’s National Singles Day, when they celebrate single life. Want to know a fun fact? It always takes place on 11/11 because the number one represents an individual. Maybe it’s time to ditch your plans with others and join in the celebrations by giving yourself some hard-earned attention. Stuck for date ideas? Here are three fun ways to make the most of Singles Day…

How to date yourself

Check out an arty museum

Become a cultural queen by going to a museum you’ve never been to before.  Wondering who to go with? Uh, you! Going to a museum alone means you can enjoy the works at your own pace and maybe even read the information labels. Even if you don’t like it, your mates will be very impressed at the sophisticated creative you have become. Our tip? Wear a ruby-red lippie – you’ll look très parisien.  

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Pamper like a princess

Nothing says self-care quite like a spa sesh. We recommend a de-stressing mud mask to revive your skin, a coat of sparkly varnish on your toenails and a very bubbly bubble bath. Apply Sanctuary Spa Sleep Relaxing Night Body Butter to your body after bathing. It has lots of lavender oil, which helps you fall asleep faster and to enhance the quality of your sleep.

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Go for a run in your local park

Ever regretted exercise? Didn’t think so. Exercise helps boost the production of feel-good chemicals in your brain and distracts your mind from anxious thoughts. A speedy jog (or brisk walk, let’s be real) can be very mood lifting. The best thing about running by yourself? You get to run at your chosen speed and listen to as much Beyoncé as you like.

Top tip: If you’re on a long run, your body’s gonna need some fuel, so treat yo’self to a protein bar or two.