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How to body contour with fake tan – Superdrug
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How to body contour with fake tan

Ahhhhh, the magic of fake tan. Bronzing our skin at the push of a pump, it’s a beauty product we couldn’t imagine life without. And now this bottle of goodness is going even further, lending its powers to contouring – and we’re not talkin’ the kind on your face. Now you can tone pins and define limbs with your trusty bottle of fakey T… and we know JUST the one.

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St Tropez Self Tan Extra Dark Mousse is a lightweight, blendable formula, which makes it the perfect tool for body contouring. We chatted with body contour artist and skin finishing expert Amanda Harrington (responsible for perfecting Angelina Jolie’s skin for Tomb Raider, FYI) to find out how to do it the right way.



  • Starting at the hip, apply St Tropez Self Tan Extra Dark Mousse on a mitt to the outside of your thigh and sweep under the buttock, following the crease.
  • Apply the self tan down the inner thigh to the knee.
  • Blend the two sides together in sweeping motions.
  • Turn your toes inwards towards the centre of your body. Starting at your heel and underneath the prominent part of your calf muscle, sweep up on the outside line of of your calf, stopping at your knee.
  • Turn your foot so your toes are pointing outwards and away from your body. Apply to the inside line of your calf muscle and blend upwards towards the knee.


  • Start at the top of your ribs, with your fingers pointing inwards towards your belly button. Sweep straight down to your hip.
  • Blend inwards and stop halfway between your hip bone and belly button.
  • Sweep underneath your belly button along the top bikini line.


  • Start at the centre of your bust and use your right hand to curve up and around towards your left underarm in a semicircle. Repeat on the opposite side, using the opposite hand.


  • Apply the self tan, sweeping from the top of your shoulder down the back of your arm, stopping at your elbow.


  • Use one pump of mousse for each application, so that you can blend without having too much product on the mitt.
  • Blending should be completed with a new, dry mitt.
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