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How to get rid of bacne – Superdrug
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How to get rid of bacne

Spending six months working on your beach bod only to discover you’ve developed a case of back acne (aka bacne – bleugh!) is a serious summer bummer. There are loooooadsa things that can cause a spotty back; tight clothes and a whole lotta sweat at the gym – and maybe a touch of hormone imbalance. After a lot of research and some trial and error, we’ve got five back hacks that are gonna get rid of those pesky pimples.

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How to get rid of back acne

Shower straight away

If you go to the gym, sweat buckets, then go home without showering because it’s only a 10-minute walk… what harm could it do, right? Well, let us tell ya, that sweat clogs your pores quick time – especially if you’re in figure-hugging workout gear. Use a clarifying charcoal soap like the Bioré Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar and a back-reaching loofah to scrub away all the sweat. OK, a loofah may seem a weird thing to pack in your gym bag, but if you’re suffering from bacne, you won’t regret it.

Acids all the way

You need acids to banish spots. Nip+Fab Teen Skin Fix Cleansing Pads pack a healthy dose of salicylic acid, which gets right into the pores and helps break down the nastiness. For some extra surface exfoliation, use Glycolic Acid Pads a few times a week to get rid of any dead skin cells. These are great to use if you don’t have time for tip number one, but work even better if you make both steps part of a bacne-beating routine.

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Bacne-busting benzoyl

Start using Acnecide 5% Wash Benzoyl Peroxide, those angry looking red spots may calm down in super-quick time. The name of the product might sound a bit scary, but if your bacne is particularly ferocious, this is the only spot slayer for the job. Simply wet the affected areas and apply some of the product, leave on for up to two minutes, then wash off thoroughly with water.

Buh-bye bacne!

Oi oi oil free!

Just like spots on your face, if you have them on your back, you’ll wanna steer clear of any excess oils. Go for a moisturiser that’s oil free, like Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion – it may not be the glam-est of body butters, but it won’t aggravate your bacne.

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Shower savvy

Those are all the pimple-preventing products we’ve got for ya, but there are also things you can do (or not do) in the shower that’ll help the sitch. Rule number one is ALWAYS to wash your back AFTER your hair. Residue from shampoo and conditioner can stay on the skin and clog pores, which will make the bacne problem worse. When you’re rinsing out conditioner, turn down the water temperature, as hot water will keep your pores wide open and suck it in – hello, back breakout! Cooler water helps to close your pores and protects them, and it also helps your hair cuticle lie flat, which will help give your hair more shine… #BONUS!

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