It's time to try holographic hair

We’re all for a new hair trend, whether it’s inspired by heavy metal, bubble-gum pink or cereal (yes, this really is a thing). So we were super-excited when the latest mane attraction (sorry, we couldn’t resist) popped up on our Insta feed. ENTER holographic hair. And it’s every bit as extra as it sounds.  

The multi-tonal look is achieved by lightening the hair before using a hair-dye brush to streak in a mix of violet, lavender and blue to create a #HOLO rainbow of muted silver and pastel purple.

If you’re loving the look but don’t want to commit fully, recreate the trend with an array of colourful wash-in-wash-out hair dyes.

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Here's our favourite holographic hair looks on Insta to give you a lil inspiration…

holographic 💿💿💿

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