We all know how annoying it is when one of our fave celebs credits their flawless skin to a cream that costs the same price as our weekly salary *sobs*.

So it was music to our ears when the beautiful Cheryl hailed her beauty hero as one you can pick up with change from your fiver.

On ITV’s This Morning, The L’Oréal ambassador revealed her absolute fave product to use on her skin is none other than one of our go-to bathroom staples… coconut oil.

‘I use coconut oil from head to toe,’ she says.

And, like us, Cheryl uses it for prrrrretty much everything.

‘Literally, you can eat it, you can put it in your hair, you can put it on your face, your body. It’s like, brilliant stuff.’


And we couldn’t agree more. The benefits of using coconut oil are endless. It contains lauric acid and anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, plus it can be slathered on your hair, skin and teeth. Some people even say it helps to improve their eczema and dermatitis.

A multi-purpose beauty saviour for under a fiver? BRB, just stocking up on the glorious stuff.

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