If you’re ever in need of some Halloween outfit inspo, just take a look at Heidi Klum. Every year, the supermodel throws a HUGE horror-themed bash for all her famous pals – and although there have been some pretty impressive celeb ensembles spotted over the years, the star’s spooky costumes have NEVER been outsmarted.

Here are our favourite Heidi Klum Halloween costumes ever!

Lady Godiva, 2001

Back in 2001, Heidi arrived at her party on the back of a horse dressed as Lady Godiva. Does it get any sassier? (And, yes, we know the real Lady Godiva is famous for riding into town wearing nothing at all!)

Space alien, 2003

Heidi’s head-to-toe golden space alien look is legendary! Although we reckon she must have been scrubbing off the glitter for days…

Kali, Hindu Goddess, 2008

Blue body paint. Synthetic arms. It’s safe to say that no detail went unnoticed for Heidi’s Hindu goddess look!

Glitter robot, 2010

To outdo the previous year’s costume, Heidi rocked up to her 2010 party smothered in more colour and sparkle than we ever thought possible.

Chimp, 2011

Heidi teamed up with now ex-husband Seal to appear as a pair of very real-looking chimps back in 2011.

Skinless body, 2011

Heidi terrified her guests when she was wheeled into her party on an autopsy table looking as though she’d had her top layer of skin removed. Eek.

Old lady, 2013

If you’re totally unrecognisable in your Halloween costume, you know you’ve done it right! In 2013, an old lady disguise was so real that nobody realised it was Heidi when she arrived at her party!

Butterfly, 2014

We’re not just talking a sprinkle of glitter and antennae drawn on with eyeliner… when Heidi opted for the butterfly look in 2014, it was full body art, life-like bug’s eyes and a pair of HUGE wings!