Straightening, curling, waving, crimping… the possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to hair styling these days. And obvs we’re definitely not complaining, in fact, we'll be the first to admit that there’s nothing more satisfying than mastering a salon-standard ‘do on yourself. But when we’re left to it without the help of a pro, it can be difficult to know which products we should be applying to our locks to keep looking healthy.

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The most important product (that most of us forget) has got to be heat protection spray. But how often do you use one? Well, not very often, according to stats – apparently, 85% of us are burning our hair with styling tools by forgetting to spritz a heat protectant on before a styling sesh.

Why do I need heat protection?

A mixture of Keratin (a protein), water and lipids (the barrier that supports hair’s elasticity), are what make up each strand of hair, and their health is absolutely vital for a crowning glory that's in tip-top condition. But, as keratin begins to damage when it’s exposed to just 160°C (the lowest heat setting on most straighteners), it’s no wonder our hair’s condition is deteriorating so quickly. And, not forgetting, that hair is actually dead – so it will not repair itself. The best way to keep hair looking slick and shiny is through prevention. Enter... heat protection spray.

How does heat protection spray work?

Essentially, heat protection spray works by creating a protective barrier on the hair shaft to protect the cuticles from being exposed to high levels of heat. Not only that, but they work to keep hair shiny with an added ingredient of silicone which also helps with the effectiveness of some styling tools. Sounds like something we definitely won’t be giving a miss in future!

How do I use heat protection?

  • Apply it before styling hair with any kind of heat.
  • It’s always easier to apply heat protection products to wet hair. Spritz/dab on product after a hair wash and comb through for an even distribution.
  • Try and avoid styling tools that expose metal parts directly to your hair, as this can cause topical damage. Try and opt for a device with a ceramic surface instead.
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