Every mum out there knows how hard it is to rustle yourself up a superfood, protein-filled, five-a-day salad for lunch, with a baby on your hip, a hoover in your hand and phone wedged between your ear and shoulder. Never gonna happen. Because, naturally, the need to nourish your baby will take priority over the need to nourish yourself.

But nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed is here to show on-the-go mums who are in need of lots of energy, how to snack healthily throughout a busy day. Watch the video for a step-by-step guide (and all the ingredients are listed below for an easy peasy shopping list!)

1. Berry Bowls

-          Natural Yoghurt

-          Seeds

-          Nuts

-          Blueberries

-          Strawberries

2. Overnight Oats

-          Oats

-          Blueberries

-          Raisins

-          Flax seeds

-          Cinnamon

-          Milk

3. Smoothie

-          Frozen berries

-          Milk

-          Banana

-          Kale

-          Peanut Butter

-          Flax Seeds