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The hay fever-proof makeup routine that really works – Superdrug
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The hay fever-proof makeup routine that really works

Have you got the hay fever hump? That summer sulk you get when your nose runs, your eyes water, your makeup is everywhere, and you’re really not feelin’ yourself. What’s worse? Your carefully applied new foundation ending up on a trail of tissues, or your eye makeup not staying put past your morning meeting, let alone lasting all day? But you can dry those smudgy eyes because with the right products and makeup tools you can suffer in style. So put down those tissues and pick up your notepad – this is how to do it.

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Rule No.1: Suss out your skincare routine

Blotchy skin sucks and it’s all because of inflammation. This is when your skin reacts to an infection and gets red, swollen and hot. It’s not what anyone needs, and it’s preventable. The first thing you’re gonna need is a cleanser that tells inflammation to calm down. Look out for one containing hazel, chamomile and aloe vera. Burt’s Bees Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream doubles up as a cleanser and wash. We love a handy duo. How do you use it? Just squeeze a £1 coin-sized amount of the stuff onto a wet face cloth and massage all over. Rinse off and pat dry.

Now your face is squeaky clean and less angry looking, you need to moisturise. Hay fever will make your skin more sensitive than Kanye West, so use a moisturiser that’s fragrance-free and cooling on the skin, like A’kin Chamomile & Shea Unscented Moisturiser. Rub a pea-sized amount onto your face morning and evening.

Rule No.2: It’s all about the base

For the perfect complexion, you’ll need a foundation that stays on all day. The best way to get this? With a technique called layering. Building up your makeup in several light layers will ensure your face is still looking pretty as a peach past lunchtime.

Start with a primer that has lots of lovely colour-correcting stuff in it, like Barry M Flawless Colour Correcting Primer. Squeeze a dollop into your palm, rub hands together and apply all over the face. Pay extra attention to your nose as it’s gonna be extra pink after all that blowing. 

Watery or – worse – streaming eyes are among the pesky side effects of hay fever, so choose a liquid foundation that’s waterproof. Pour a small amount of L’Oreal 24-H Matte Waterproof Foundation onto the back of your hand and dab with your makeup brush. Start applying to the centre of the face and blend outwards, then sweep the brush downwards over the nose, forehead, cheeks and chin.

Add a lil concealer under the eyes. In this case, pressure is your pal ­– it will help banish puffiness and get rid of any itchiness. Press the spongy applicator on the end of the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer Neutralizer down hard under your eyes and sweep from the inner to the outer corners of the eyes. Then gently blend in any patchy bits.

Lock the look with a setting powder, which will stop your makeup going everywhere, despite all your face movements. Pour a small amount of Revolution Pro Loose Finishing Powder into the lid, then dip a loose-bristled powder brush into it and give it a good swirl. Press it lightly onto the skin and cover the whole face.

And the finishing touch? Petroleum jelly. A little bit goes a long way, so put a dab of Vaseline just under your nose. The pollen will stick to it instead of going up your nostrils and making you sneeze – All. The. Damn. Time.  

Barry M Barry M Flawless Colour Correcting Primer £6.99 Buy Now
Revolution Pro Revolution Pro Loose Finishing Powder £6.00 Buy Now
Maybelline Maybelline Instant Conceal Eraser Concealer Neutralizer £8.99 Buy Now
Vaseline Vaseline Lip Therapy Original Tin 20g £1.29 Buy Now

Rule No.3: Dry those panda eyes

If you’re tired of getting into work looking as if you’ve just had a seriously bad break-up, you’re gonna need an everything-proof mascara. So, for those warm-weather months, make sure a waterproof mascara, like Maybelline Rocket Volum’, is your ‘ride or die’. Peeps tend to steer clear of waterproof mascara cos they can be hard to remove at the end of the day. But if you’re pollen sensitive, this is just what you want – a mascara that stands up to nature.

Here’s a top tip – make sure you always carry Simple Kind To Eyes Makeup Remover Pads, so you can quickly remove any little black splodges when you’re out and about.

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