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The hand-luggage holiday heroes that are gonna change your life – Superdrug
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The hand-luggage holiday heroes that are gonna change your life

Prepping for your hols can be pure agg. We struggle to cram a small fraction of the outfits we really wanna take into a tiny holdall, spend hours decanting our entire skincare regime into 100ml bottles like wannabe chemistry students, and then panic at the airport when we remember everything has to fit into a tiny plastic bag. AND do up… HOW?

Well, for anyone who’s had to sacrifice a beloved beauty product at the security gate because you couldn’t squeeze it in – RIP eight-hour cream, Ibiza 2017 – we’ve rounded up the best multipurpose, triple-tasking marvels to save you space and stress. Like the sound of that? We bet you blimmin’ do.


OK, so this little bottle might not be much to look at, but there’s a reason it’s got rave reviews. Yup, this budding beauty hero is the total game changer. Use 100% Pure Neem Oil as a dry-skin-saving moisturiser, sunburn healer, frizz tamer and bacne buster. It’s also antifungal, so will help heal any cuts and wounds. Because, let’s be honest, accidents do happen.

NEEM 100% Pure Neem Oil 100ml £7.00 Buy Now

Perfect pals

Our tip-top travelling tip? Leave the endless tubes, pots and powders at home and pick up a makeup palette or two. The e.l.f. Foundation Palette has four shades to mix and match perfectly with your skin tone, while the blendable Barry M Concealer Palette conceals, contours and highlights. Face = nailed. 

Stick with me

The Collection Precision Contouring stick is the holiday sidekick you didn’t know you needed. Its super-blendable formula means you can use it to line and colour lips, and fill in your brows – it even makes a great eyeshadow. (Oh and obvs, it’s pretty good at contouring, too.) With all that covered, the only thing you’ll be left to worry about is stopping your pals pinching it!  

Balmy babe

We’re just a bit obsessed with the Maybelline Baby range – super-soft lips and a dewy glow? Um, yes, please! This nifty 2-in-1 Balm & Blush is the ultimate space saver for giving that I-just-woke-up-like-this beachy glow. #whatmakeup

Don’t sweat it

If there’s a surefire way to dash your holiday sass, sweating in all the wrong places is gonna do it. Yup, we’ve all been there. Slippy thighs, sunnies sliding off your nose… and don’t get us started on the blisters from your fave new sandals. But listen up, cos all of this can be sorted with – you got it – some simple deo. Roll it on your thighs to stop chafing, and add a bit on your nose for extra grip. You can even apply it to friction points on your feet to keep you sweat-free and slaying it!

Sure Sure Roll-On Bright Bouquet 50ml £1.00 Buy Now

Hold up…

Fixing up your beach-ready braid isn’t the only reason a bottle of VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray deserves a spot in your suitcase. Late for that boat party? No drama – a quick spritz will help your polish dry faster, stop static on your go-to dress, and if you’re seeing more action from the mozzies than that fit guy you’ve had your eye on, spray the infected area to stop itching immediately and prevent further attacks – can I get a ‘hell, yeah’ for this hero?

Get lippy

We barely go anywhere without our trusty chappy, so discovering that this beauty basic can work way harder than we’ve been giving it credit for was everything. Yep, this pocket rocket can be used as a primer to stop eyeshadow budging, as a serious brow shaper and, by sweeping it across your pulse points, you’ll prevent your perfume sweating off in the sun. Who knew? Grab yourself a Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick.


Nope, you haven’t woken up in 1999. Body mist is making a serious comeback and you better believe it. Grab a bottle from the new Charlie range before you jet off and not only will it keep you smelling totally gorge, the refreshing spray will cool your skin while you’re topping up that tan. What a winner.

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