Stranger Things

Who hasn’t seen Stranger Things? Nobody we want to talk to, that’s for sure. Eleven and Mike are the way to go. With the simple yet terrifying vibe of these two, you and bae can rock any party you turn up at.

Channel your inner Eleven with a blush-pink dress (a little above the knees), a Peter Pan collar and a blonde or buzz-cut wig.

For Mike, go back to the days of being that awkward tween. Were talking rugby shirt (white collar, duh) and trustee backpack, trainers/coat and chinos, with a calculator watch to complete the look.

Orange Is The New Black

OITB is the perfect look for you and your crew to rock this Halloween. Whether you’re a Nicky, Poussey or even Red, take the party by storm with your girls dressed to perfection. 

Combine your orange or beige jumpsuit with a white shirt/T-shirt.

American Horror Story

Be honest now – who here hasn’t wanted to pull off a costume as terrifying as a bad foundation line but still hot enough to feel on point?

Everyone has seen American Horror Story, bingeing on episode after episode with your pots of Ben and Jerry’s and the lights firmly ON. We’re sure we all remember freaking out when we realised the deal with Moira (totes not cool, btw). But even if you have the moral fibre she lacks, you can still SLAY with her outfit.

All you need is a short black dress, an apron, black heels, a red wig and, of course, the garters/stockings. If youre feeling up to the challenge, grey contact lenses and fake blood can really pull this outfit together.

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Pretty Little Liars

Who else remembers cuddling up with a tub of ice cream and your best mate while trying to work out who the HELL is A. We’re bringing you our very own take on the mysterious and dangerous A, and how you can pull it off to make your very own Pretty Little Halloween. 

To pull off this terrifying look, we suggest a black hoodie, black ski mask, black trousers, black gloves and black boots. And if you feel the need to pull off some mischief, well, who will recognise you!


Represent your inner warrior queen and slay the competition by turning up as one of the legendary ladies from GLOW.

If you haven’t yet seen this Netflix hit series, it’s time to crawl out from under that rock where you’ve been living! This tribute to the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling will not only make you laugh harder than that time you saw Becky’s ‘eyebrows’ but will inspire you with a rocking vintage costume, helping you bring back the 80s for one night only.

We LOVE Zoya the Destroya, and with our help youll be able to destroya any competition. Youll need a stretchy leotard (neon pink preferred), brightly coloured or patterned leggings and big 80s hair. If you can’t treat your own hair, we suggest a wig. And dont forget the electric makeup!

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