If you can’t make up your mind about what character to go as for Halloween, why not let your star sign be your guide? At least if it goes wrong, you’ve got someone else to blame, right?


You’re courageous and hate injustice. Oh, and you also love being a leader. So far, so superhero. Think Wonder Woman or Batgirl if you want to do silver-screen classic, or go a little quirkier with Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo or Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games.

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You’re hotheaded and love luxury, so if you want to stay true to your Taurean roots, think an extravagant royal. Choose Marie Antoinette or Queen of Hearts, or just get a bouncy blow-dry and a big sapphire sparkler and call yourself Kate Middleton.


As a Gemini, the obvious choice for you is to enlist a mate and go for some spooky twins. How about the scary little girls, in their blue dresses, in The Shining or the Weasleys in Harry Potter.

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The characteristics of Cancer – caring and nurturing – don’t exactly lend themselves to Halloween outfits, so you’re going to have to spook yourself up a bit. A zombie nurse or bloodthirsty doctor are good for Cancers gone wild.

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Leos are strong and dramatic, so you could go for a literal representation and choose a majestic lion. Add a little blood to look fresh from a kill.

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Virgos are ordered and perfectionists, so a historical costume with perfect detailing will appeal. Try Cleopatra, an ancient Roman, or a Victorian.

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It’s important to Libra that they look attractive. Yep, even at Halloween (blame Venus), so you’ve got licence to go as a sexy cat.


As the ruler of the afterlife, there’s only one choice here: a vampire! Choose from classic Dracula to updated Twilight.

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As one of the most adventurous star signs, you’ll need to pick an equally adventurous heroine to emulate. Think Lara Croft, Harley Quinn or Beatrix Kiddo.

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This earth sign is perfectly suited to an animal costume. Libra’s already nabbed the cat so why not go choose a snapchat fave deer or koala.


You like your spook with a bit of sci-fi, Eleven from Stranger Things is the obvious choice but if you want something a little more unusual then go retro with Star Trek or Barbarella


Pisces love nostalgia so it’s time to throwback to your fave 90’s culture, Cher from Clueless, Spice Girls, early years Britney are all good choices.

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