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How to rescue Halloween hair – Superdrug
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How to rescue Halloween hair

Halloween is nearly here (ahhhh!) and we’re buzzing to backcomb, colour and style the hell outta our hair. But there’s one thing we dread more than the day of the dead – and that’s the day after. Yep, hours of styling our hair into petrifying perfection for the Big Night can result in split ends, knots and damage for weeks after. Here’s how to fix your fright-night hair so that your Halloween look doesn’t last till Christmas…

Detangle like the devil

To deconstruct your damaged hair, lather on loads of conditioner to wet hair and work a wide-tooth comb through the tangles. Use your fingers for any knots that won’t budge. Wash it again with shampoo, followed by a deep-conditioning hair mask.

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Wash out colour like a wizard

Thanks to the wonders of coloured hairspray, switching up your hair colour isn’t just for creating people on Sims. But Halloween is on a Wednesday this year, and we don’t want to wear our green hair into work the next day. Struggling to get it out? Wash your hair two or three times with a mild clarifying shampoo, massaging your scalp with your fingertips to get rid of spray that’s stuck to your scalp. Apply conditioner and use a comb to brush out any flakes of colour.

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Give it a good trick-or-treatment

The best thing you can do for your hair? Go heat turkey for a week. After all the styling and pulling and teasing, some time away from the heat will help it get back to normal. This also means NO HAIRDRYERS. The bright side? You’ll be telling the truth this time when you cancel your Tinder date to ‘wash your hair’.

Apply a pea-sized blob of Moroccan oil to the ends of your hair after washing, to strengthen it and return it to its silky soft ways.

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