If you’ve already settled on your make-up (unicorn, anyone?) but aren’t sure what to do with your locks, we’ve rounded up our favourite Halloween hairstyles with added fright factor. Hairspray at the ready…

Fright night fishtails

These fishtail plaits are ghoulishly good for finishing off any look. Start by adding texture with a salt spray then part and plait hair into two fishtail braids before backcombing. Sequins, optional.

Beastly braids

A statement Dutch braid placed at the top of the head surrounded by miniature plaits adds interest to a Werewolf-style back-combed ‘do.

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Dare devil

Create this devilish look by parting the front of hair into two sections, tying each into a pony and wrapping hair around the base, coaxing each section into a horn shape. Spritz with hairspray for hold.

Got buns hun?

We like big buns and we cannot lie - especially at Halloween. To create this XXL look, start by backcombing hair to add volume, then wrap locks around a bun net for a sky-high, Scary Mary style.  

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