If, like us, you find the thought of going to the hairdresser’s for a ‘trim’ petrifying (‘cause you just know you’ll end up walking out with at least 5 inches off), you’ll know that your few-and-far-between visits can result in split ends and your hair looking neglected and dry. But all that’s going to change…

The revolutionary technique of ‘hair dusting’, created by LA hairdresser Sal Salcedo, is the answer to your prayers. The brand-new method of trimming hair involves getting rid of no length at all, by smoothing out the hair first, which encourages the split ends to pop up, then snipping them off – like so…

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The cons? You’ll need to visit an expert to have your hair ‘dusted’. If it’s not done properly, it can go very wrong and take up longer of your time – which isn’t ideal if you’re already prone to a bit of hairdresser chair anxiety.

But we can’t lie - keeping split ends at bay by ‘dusting’ looks like a pretty good idea to us. Not only will it improve the overall healthy look of our straggly barnets in need of some long-overdue TLC, but it means we can FINALLY come to a compromise with our scissor-happy ’dressers’, too! We. Are. Obsessed!

Will you be trying out this new technique? We’d love to hear from you!