It's all about the freshest, cleanest cut. Joth Davies, master barber and owner of Savills Barbers and Academy, gives us his top tips...

The Facial Hair

Say bye to the beard for now (we have a sneaky feeling it will be back) and go for a baby-soft jaw, Bobby Abley-style. Use a razor with lubricated precision blades and, says Joth, 'Shave the way the hair is growing - with the grain'.

The Skin

Now there's no fuzz to mask what's beneath, it's time to upgrade your skincare regime. To prep your skin for a smooth shave, as seen on the Astrid Andersen runway, Joth says, 'You need to use a good moisturising shaving cream to stop the blade causing a rash'.

The 'Do

Military haircuts were hot on the catwalk, alongside a slightly more casual mid-length with sideburns, as shown at Katie Eary. 'Sideburns should be neatly trimmed,' says Joth. Then rub in a beard balm to keep them soft and in place.