To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Graduate Fashion Week, we’ve pulled together our top three up-and-coming designers showing at this year’s event. Psst, there’s some serious talent hitting the catwalk.

Courtney Plumb, Birmingham City University

If you’re a fan of voluminous black pieces, this is your girl. Although the design may look like a romantic fairy-tale frock, when paired with androgynous black boots, it has a deeper meaning: survival and armour. Courtney is interested in the contrasts between the wealthy and the homeless in dollar-rich New York and reflected this in her work. ‘Looking at the people sleeping on the steps of the church close to where I used to live in New York highlights the irony of it all,’ she says.



Abby Johnson, Bath Spa University

If you weren’t a football fan before, you will be now. We love Abby’s bold feminine take on the British sport: strip-style stripes embellished with brightly coloured Indian-inspired lace, gems, sequins and buttons, and with a high, ribbed neck. She wanted to interlink her multicultural upbringing in Birmingham with the anti-fashion aspect of football culture. 'I see it as a parody,’ she says. Score!


Ana Madalena Currie, Edinburgh College of Art

Coolest kid on the block springs to mind when you see Ana’s unique long-line bomber jacket, which is edgy and ultra-modern, with 3D lettering and different fabrics. Although Ana was initially influenced by gang culture, this design pays homage to the past. ‘The puffed sleeves, oversized arms and the emphasis on the neckline are from the 16th century,’ she said. Well, that's our winter staple sorted...