Just when you think the beauty world has given all it’s got, a new trend bursts onto the scene, and we’re reminded that this industry knows no boundaries. That’s exactly what happened when we discovered a 90s-inspired hair trend that has taken Instagram by storm.

Prepare yourselves… because glow-in-the-dark hair is now *officially* a thing for 2016, and we can’t help but feel nostalgic.

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It takes us back to the time when we had a love affair for all things that glowed, such as stickers, accessories, trainers and lava lamps, and to learn the trend is now making its mark on hair is music to our ears.

Guy Tang is the maestro behind the magical mane we are all lusting after, which has been named after the mythical Phoenix bird that regularly bursts into flames (fitting, right?). He suggests doing back-to-back bleaching to make the hair as light as possible before applying a neon dye to achieve the supernatural look.

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Tang captions the video ‘Imagine her in a spinning class with black lights on? She will be glowing!’ Maybe this hairstyle is the push we need to get ourselves to spinning class every night…

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We’re equally mesmerised with the look in daylight, which is a neon dream mixture of bright fuchsias and deep oranges.

In the words of Tang, we’re saying ‘YAAAAAAS’ to this incredible look, which has brought all our glow-in-the-dark dreams to life.