Want to get your glow on and channel your inner Alicia Vikander? We’ve got the products you need to try – and expert tips to boot.

The first-time tanner

Lose your tanning virginity with a gradual tanner – first timers shouldn’t jump in at the deep end because that’s when things will go oh so wrong – trust us, we’ve been there. Use a gradual tan and slowly build up the colour day by day. Dawn McDaid, co-founder of St Moriz, told us, ‘Skin takes better to fake tan when it’s cold, so wait five minutes after showering before you apply it.’

The tactical tanner

Gals who apply tan only to their ankles and from the elbows down, we see you! If you’re guilty of adding colour only to the parts of your body that are on show, then a) We have the biggest respect for you, and b) You need to use a moisturising spray-on tan. Spray-on tans tend to dry more quickly than creams and are easier to apply when you’re in a hurry. The experts at Sunkissed suggest adding moisturiser to the areas where you’ve applied the tan, to help blend the colour and prevent build-up.

Brighton baby 🏄

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The tanaholic

If you’re already a total tan addict, you need to invest in a glow-giver that will stand the test of time. Try a product that promises to last a week or two, so you can avoid having to tan every day (even the most loyal tanners don’t have time for that!). It’s important to build up your colour slowly, though. To keep things looking as natural as possible, Skinny Tan’s UK Brand Manager Cathy Kilbane suggests layering up your tan every couple of days; that way, she says, nobody will know you’re faking it. Clever!

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