Nothing beats the feeling of sunshine coming in through the windows on a summer morning, especially when you’re about to start your beauty routine. Natural light is essential for nailing every aspect of your makeup, from achieving the perfect blend to avoiding muddy contour. But now winter is here (aka the dark ages), we may as well be doing our makeup by candlelight – and if you’re anything like us, your day will be set off on the wrong foot when you’re having to paint on your face in bad lighting. But here are three hacks that will save you from streaky foundation and unblended blusher – and give you a year-round flawless finish…

Collage of pictures that help you get ready in bad lighting

Let there be light

We’ve already established that the key to great makeup is good lighting, but that’s not gonna come from the energy-saving bulbs in your light fittings. Get yourself the Superdrug Studio London Light Up Mirror, which will give you a blast of natural-esque light and brighten up even the dingiest of mornings.

Sponge for all spaces

The beauty world went crazy for sponges a few years back when they discovered the flawless way they could blend out foundation and concealer. Real Techniques 6 Miracle Sponges come in a range of shapes and sizes to help you buff and blend every area of your face to perfection.

We tend to overcompensate on contour, blush and highlight when the lighting is less than the best. Lightly pat your sponge over those areas to soften any heavy-handedness and blur out harsh lines.

It’s all in the formula

When the lighting is bad, you want to make blending easy. Using light, liquid formulas like Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation is a step in the right direction. Its fluidity makes it simple to buff in and helps you avoid patchiness, so experiment with other formulas this winter if you find your foundation is dragging or difficult to apply.

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