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Get the nails of your dreams – Superdrug
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Get the nails of your dreams

Whether you’re never seen without a full paint job or your mani is more low maintenance, it’s easy to improve the health and appearance of your nails.

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1. What’s sup?

Supplements are among the biggest beauty trends of 2018, and nails can benefit hugely from the right balance of vitamins and minerals. Superdrug Skin, Hair & Nails Tablets are packed with selenium and zinc to support healthy nail growth.

2. Feeling flaky?

Peeling, flaky or splitting nails are a common mani-related problem and usually the result of dryness. Fight the urge to pick your nails (we know it’s tempting), and instead use a gentle buffer (try Superdrug 4 Way Nail Buffer), and always apply a base coat before colour to protect from the drying effects of polish.

3. Gel hell

You’re addicted to your fortnightly gel manis and you haven’t seen your natural nails since 2016. Is this a problem? It might be. Gel manicures can weaken your nails and lead to dehydration and thinning, and they can also cover up any underlying nail issues. Give yourself a break once every six weeks, and wear a gel-effect polish such as Collection Solar Shine Gel Nail Top Coat if you miss the high-shine finish.

4. Bite me

Nail-biting can be hard to beat. Try keeping your hands busy by playing with a piece of Blu Tack or an elastic band, or use a deterrent on your nails. Pretty Quik Stop Nail Biting Polish tastes so disgusting you won’t want your hands anywhere near your mouth.

5. Cuticle crisis

It’s usually part of a professional mani, but are those seconds you spend cringing as someone jabs at your cuticles (just us?) really necessary? Pushing back and trimming your cuticles can make your nails look neater and longer, but you need to be careful not to get too scissor happy. Snip too much and you could leave your nails at risk of infection. Use a special cuticle tool rather than regular scissors – try Elegant Touch Cuticle Nipper.

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Expert advice...

Rimmel London Global Nail Ambassador Adam Slee has tended to the manicures of many celebs, from Meghan Markle to Cara Delevingne. Here are his top 3 tips:

  1. A cuticle oil is an essential treatment product. The nail absorbs the oil, which makes it more flexible and helps to prevent ridges and peeling.
  2. Two trends I really like for SS18 are natural nails with gems, for sparkle, and dark nails – teal is set to be a big trend.
  3. When taking supplements, be prepared for them to take time to work.
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