Bloody, powerful, hot in an antithesis-to-another-sexy-witch-way, Game of Thrones is the perfect Halloween inspo if you’re looking for something a little different for Halloween 2017. If you like to stay on pretty side (and who can blame ya?) then Daenerys is the obvious choice, if cute’s more your thing try a Direwolf. Want to go all out scary? A white walker wins hands down. Here’s how to make your GoT outfit pop.

A White Walker

With their icy-white skin and scarily blue eyes the White Walkers, also known as The Others, are an obvious scary choice.

What you’ll need:

White face paint, black eyeshadow, eyelash glue, cotton wool

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The Mother of Dragons manages to stay looking beautiful no matter what. Daenery’s has many style evolutions across the series but we’re going with the Qarth look, if you fancy more of a Dothraki feel then swap out the dress for leather gloves and a brown vest.

What you’ll need:

A blonde or silver wig, blue dress, gold belt or a ribbon, a dragon accessory.

Customise your wig with Daernerys waves – don’t use heat, as fancy dress wigs tend to be synthetic and it’ll just frazzle, instead dampen it and put into small plaits then take these out once dry. Finish the look by creating a deep side parting and twisting one side back. When it comes to makeup, keep it natural but emphasise your brows. For the finishing touch, remember she always has a hint of dragon, so carry a figurine or egg, or attach one to your dress or shoulder.


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Like your Halloween looks to have a touch of animal magic? Then go for a cute Direwolf. Beloved pets of the Stark family, choose Jon Snow’s albino wolf Ghost for max effect – who knows, you might just find a Jon Snow to team up with at the party.

What you’ll need: Fake fur and facepaint

You’ll need to fashion a hood with ears, so it’s time to get out the needle and thread. There’s loads of Youtube tutorials showing you how to create the hood, then for the body, sew or fabric glue patches of fake fur to a white dress or white tee and leggings. Then just draw a black nose and whiskers and you’re good to go. Sounds a hassle? Keep an eye out for a white fluffy onesie for a costume in seconds.

The Shame Nun

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We don’t know why nuns are spooky, they just are and none more so than Septa Unella the Shame Nun. Plus, her ringing bell is great if you love a prop.

What you’ll need: Long black or grey dress, a grey scarf, a bell, length of grey rope and old-looking book.

All you need to do is find a long-sleeved dark-coloured dress, fashion a belt round your waist with a length of grey string or rope and pin a grey scarf round your head. Then you just need to practice your expression of disgust and warm up your vocals to shout SHAME at everyone you come across. Sorted.