To celebrate the return of our fave talent show (yep, the countdown to Christmas is officially ON), here’s a round-up of the funniest auditions we’ve ever seen…

Ant and Seb, 2008

We knew these two were going to be pretty great after comparing themselves to P. Diddy, Usher and Rick Astley… and they didn’t disappoint. Their rendition of Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl left a lot to be desired, and we laughed almost as much as Simon did.

Dawn, 2007

We’re not sure if this one’s funny because of Louis and Sharon’s extreme reactions (which led Simon to throw them out of the audition room) or because Dawn genuinely thinks she’s quite good. We’ll let you decide.

Ablisa, 2010

Abby + Lisa = Ablisa, obviously. This is probably one of the most memorable auditions ever, mostly thanks to the finale: an onstage punch-up between the two girls. Brilliant.

Ariel, 2008

Dubbed ‘the worst audition ever’, and we can see why. It wasn’t just Cheryl who was scared of her. Ariel, a holistic vocal coach, started her audition by telling the judges she was a human being not a number, and it pretty much went downhill from there. It made for good telly, though.

Michael, 2010

This guy got his Michael Jackson impersonation down to a tee, but his singing voice just wasn’t quite at the same level as the real king of pop. So much potential, though, right?

Robert, 2004

Robert is a self-confessed karaoke junkie, but in this treat from the first series Simon Cowell said he was the worst singer he had ever heard. What a compliment! We’re a little bit in love with his version of Aqua’s Barbie Girl, though…

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