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Four ways to stay fit this party season – Superdrug
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Four ways to stay fit this party season

It’s party season with its seemingly endless stream of invitations to Christmas shindigs, New Year soirees and countless ‘just one drink’ catch-ups with friends. If you’re trying to stay fit and healthy, it can be a daunting time (find that spin class much harder with a hangover? Yup, us, too) but help’s at hand. Here are our tips and tricks to help you stay fit and fabulous over the festive period without having to turn down a single invitation or delicious-looking canapé…

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Be realistic

Diaries get jam-packed over the festive season, with nights spent sweating it out at the gym being swapped for Christmas party nibbles and drinks. So it’s inevitable that exercise takes a back seat during this time – but don’t beat yourself up over it. Instead of trying to stick to your usual routine, cramming gym classes into an already hectic week, be realistic and make your workouts work around you. After all, it’s only temporary. You might not be able to attend your fave HIIT class on a Tuesday night, but you can go on Saturday instead, right? Be a bit flexible and don’t adopt an all-or-nothing approach that’ll have you packing in a whole week’s worth of workouts just because you’ve missed one.

Work out with a friend

Parties are fun but the late nights and drinking make getting up early and hitting the gym even harder. It’s pretty common for people to make excuses and skip their usual workout routines, yet we’ve found there’s no better way to clear out the cobwebs and shift that hangover than with a good sweat sesh. So why not make a promise to meet a friend for that 7am circuit? Having someone else counting on you to show up will make you more likely to torch some canapé calories.

Have a detox day

Give your body a break from rich holiday foods (we’re talking those mid-afternoon mince pies, chocolates and candy canes) by having one day a week that’s totally healthy. Drink lots of water and stick to organic, clean foods that will make you feel and look good. Not only will they make you feel a whole lot better, but green foods are rich in antioxidants and help boost your immune system – perfect if you’ve been having lots of late nights.

Dance, dance and just dance

Dancing is a great form of exercising, so don’t be shy. Get on that dance floor and bust out your best Beyoncé impression. You’ll not only burn calories but you’ll be having fun too!

Need an extra helping hand? Check out our top picks for staying fit this festive season.

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