You cleanse, you tone, you moisturise, you’ve even got the whole serum thing down, but do you bother with a face mask? If you don’t, now’s the time to get involved, because using the right one at the right time can help deal with a whole host of skincare woes. From battling blemishes to giving skin that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley glow, swot up and stock up. Your skin’s gonna thank you...

To deep cleanse

If you already double cleanse you get a high five from us but did you know that using a face mask can take the detox to the next level? Look out for clay-based masks that’ll draw out impurities deep from the skin and apply twice a week after cleansing to leave pores squeaky clean.

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To get skin glowing

If your skin’s looking a little lacklustre, an exfoliating mask can be a fast track pass to a seriously glowy complexion. Smooth onto skin in the shower and let it get to work for five minutes for instant radiance.

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To boost the rest of your skincare

There’s no point layering on expensive lotions and potions if you haven’t got the basics in place. Leaving a face mask on for ten minutes each week – just like you would your Sunday hair mask – can help boost the condition of skin so that the rest of your regime can work that much harder.

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To battle breakouts

If you’re blighted by blackheads and blemishes, a sheet mask soaked with spot-zapping ingredients – think salicylic acid and tea tree oil – can help keep bacteria at bay, thereby reducing the likelihood of breakouts.

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