Carved brows. Squiggly brows. Braided brows. It’s ALL going on in the world of eyebrows lately; and Instagram’s hit us with a new trend that’s arguably the craziest one yet... FOIL. BROWS.

Foil brows? HUH? Yep, we thought the same. But, just like we were shown by Insta’s makeup geniuses how to ‘carve’ and ‘braid’ our brows, we’ve now been shown how to cover our brows with a holographic film… all in the name of keepin’ it trendy.

Brisbane-based makeup artist Nicole Tait, boasting over 11,000 followers on Instagram (wowzers!) took a sheer holographic foil and cut it to the shape of her natural brow. Then, she gently placed it over her natural brow before snapping the look and showing it off to her huge following!  

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As much as the look does remind us of a beauty look more appropes for Star Wars or The Hunger Games as opposed to real, everyday life, we do think that this look could go down an absolute treat at Halloween… or if you’re looking to make your grid a little sassier with some weird and wonderful new makeup looks.

And Nicole isn’t the only MUA to have given the bold look a go, either. Plenty of others have taken to social media to debut their foil-ish efforts too… with a whole range of foil looks; from aluminium to golds and any shiny, reflective material that the artists can get their mitts on.

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Will you be trying the foil brow trend? We’d love to hear from you!