We all know that person who has a million products in their handbag for every eventuality – if you don’t know one, it’s you. Well, we have some good news… Palmer’s Original Solid Formula is here to lighten the load. This little tub of joy will help remedy countless beauty (and practical) problems. From loosening a stubborn zip to providing all-over moisture, this vitamin E-enriched, ethically sourced cocoa butter can do it all. For five of our fave uses, keep reading…


Scrub up

No one wants chapped lips, and in winter the threat of a flaky pout is at its peak. Mix a scoop of the solid formula with some sugar to create a nourishing, exfoliating lip scrub. There are no rules here, so just mix the two ingredients until you’re happy with the consistency and scrub away that dead skin. You can do this on the back of your hand or make a batch and store in an empty lip balm tin.

Hair hero

Harsh, cold wind can wreak havoc on our hair. If you’ve left the house with the perfect pony and turned up to work or school with flyaways all over the place, just pull out your pot of solid formula. Rub a little in your hands to melt it, then smooth your wispy bits back into place. You can also use it on the tips of your hair to hydrate dry split ends.

Soothe a sore nose

Just one of the many miserable things about a cold is the dry, red nose you’re left with after days of sneezing. A dab or two of solid formula around sore nostrils will help to soothe the pain in no time.

Skin saviour

Hands, elbows and knees get particularly dry in the cold months. Since the solid formula sinks in at super speed and provides 24-hour moisture, it’s the perfect winter skin soother.

Get mixing

If you’re planning to spend a lot of time indoors this season, you may put some homemade beauty treatments on the menu. You can add the solid formula to face masks and foot soaks for an added touch of luxury. Mix with egg whites and a splodge of honey for an anti-ageing face mask, or allow to melt in a bowl of rose petals, salts and hot water for a spa-like trotter soak.

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